The Goals
of The Initiative


1) Encourage African participation in global Internet governance fora and discussions, in particular at the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee.


2) Provide technical expertise to governments and lawmakers to assist them in the development of policies and regulations to harness Africa's digital transformation.

What Will This Initiative Achieve?


This initiative serves as a catalyst for proactive measures, enhancing the resilience and security of the Internet ecosystem in Africa, which is essential for sustainable development and innovation.


Through tailored capacity development and engagement programs, government representatives and parliamentarians will deepen their understanding of the Internet’s technical functions, including the DNS. This initiative aims to support these officials as they strive to develop their national digital economies.


Additionally, this initiative will enable African governments to engage more effectively in global Internet governance discussions, allowing them to voice their specific challenges and concerns. In collaboration with the African Parliamentary Network on Internet Governance (APNIG) and in partnership with SMART Africa, this initiative will assist African governments and parliamentarians in identifying regional Internet governance issues. It will support their participation in discussions, particularly within the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee, ensuring their concerns are heard and addressed.