The Goals
of The Initiative


Deploy by June 2023 two new monitoring probe nodes for ICANN’s Service Level Agreement Monitoring (SLAM) system in locations in the African region with large population densities and high percentages of Internet users


Enhance the SLAM probe node network by ensuring probe nodes within Africa are able to monitor IPv4 and IPv6 transport offered by registry operators in their DNS and RDDS services by June 2024

For the last decade, Africa has been undergoing a digital transformation. As more businesses and organizations move to digital platforms, it is important to ensure that critical services provided by TLD registry operators, including domain name resolution, are reliable. ICANN monitors the availability and performance of the Domain Name System (DNS) and Registration Data Directory Service (RDDS) of TLDs and makes this information available to registry operators to assist in detecting and addressing potential incidents impacting these services.

What Will This Initiative Achieve?

  • More accurate measurement of TLD registry services, including DNS and RDDS service availability and performance, as experienced by Internet users in Africa.
  • Diversified service level agreement (SLA) monitoring of TLD registry operators’ critical service performance and availability, as measured from specific locations within Africa.
  • Improved visibility to detect incidents where service level requirements are not met by gTLD registry operators for users in Africa.
  • By expanding performance monitoring in Africa and making these measurements available to registry operators to act when needed, businesses can trust that customers and users in the region are able to resolve domain names registered in the public DNS and reach their websites and services.

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