Wednesday 13 March 2024

Phase 2 Officially Opens: Expansion of ICANN Managed Root Server Singles in Africa

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is pleased to announce the launch of the second phase of the ICANN Managed Root Server (IMRS) Infrastructure initiative, part of the Coalition for Digital Africa. In collaboration with the Association of African Universities, we invite Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from eligible organizations interested in hosting an Africa-based IMRS single server instance. This collaboration aims to broaden the initiative's reach and effectiveness in raising awareness throughout the continent.

While Phase 1 of the Coalition infrastructure project focused on the deployment of two large IMRS cluster installations in the region, the objective of the second phase is to further expand and improve Internet resilience in Africa through the deployment of IMRS singles. These are single server appliances designed to be hosted by an organization to improve Domain Name System (DNS) stability and user experience by having a root server instance in closer proximity to DNS resolvers.

The call for EOIs is open to eligible Africa-based organizations such as Internet service providers, enterprise networks (including universities and government networks), and Internet exchange points.

Deploying additional IMRS singles can improve the online experience for users in underserved areas and for businesses and institutions dependent on the Internet, ensuring more reliable connectivity. Hosting these single root server installations can potentially enhance network performance, decrease DNS query response times, and reduce bandwidth usage for root zone queries. IMRS single installations can also help boost regional Internet resilience by keeping root server traffic within local networks.

To support this effort, limited funding may be available to assist with purchasing the necessary hardware. Eligible organizations can receive up to $6000 in reimbursement after the successful deployment of an IMRS single. Applications for EOIs that include requests for financial assistance must be submitted by 15 April 2024.

For more information and to submit an EOI, please visit the dedicated webpage. Should you have any questions, the ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement Africa team is available to assist you at

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